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My knowledge and years of experience within the Validation & Regulatory in the Life Science industry is at your disposal. As board member of the ISPE Community of Practice "GAMP Benelux” and as a consultant / Black Belt, I had the opportunity to increase my skills and became a recognised specialist in Computer Validation and related services.

The following services at a fixed price or hourly basis are available:

"if it does not make sence to you, you probably are doning it wrong"

Paperless Validation

Validation activities of computerised systems used to create a lot of paper to has to be stored for a long time. Recent tools can get rid of this paper trail and still meet the requirements for a validated system.

Using the tools MS Azure DevOps and MR4DevOps I have developed a paperless validtion strategy to validate efficiently computerised systems. I created a White Paper to describe this paperless strategy. With my knowledge I can support new users of MR4DevOps to implement a paperless strategy in their own environment.